Accommodation + Diving Packages

You will find below a range of places offering diving + accommodation packages for certified or student divers.

In case you are with non-diver guest(s), less dives than nights, or in need for the price of a particular place, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Thank you.

Casa Mexicana Hotel
Casa Mexicana Hotel Pool
Casa Mexicana Caribbean View
Casa Mexicana Hotel Bar
Casa Mexicana Hotel Computers Room
Casa Mexicana Hotel Buffet
Casa Mexicana Hotel Breakfast Area

Casa Mexicana (****)

Situated in the heart of Cozumel downtown
Splendid and very comfortable, with or without sea view.
Swimming pool on terrace overlooking the Caribbean sea
Awesome breakfast buffet included.

Vista del Mar (***)

Splendid and comfortable, with or without sea view.
Swimming pool in the garden,
Continental breakfast served in bedroom,
Situated in the heart of Cozumel as well.

Vista del Mar Hotel
Vista del Mar Pool
Vista del Mar Double-bed
Vista del Mar Bedroom
Vista del Mar Purple-room
Vista del Mar Balcony
Vista del Mar View
Hacienda San Miguel Front
Hacienda San Miguel Fontaine
Hacienda San Miguel Garden
Hacienda San Miguel Porch
Hacienda San Miguel Room
Hacienda San Miguel Kitchen
Hacienda San Miguel Double Beds

Hacienda San Miguel (***)

Since 1999 Hacienda San Miguel Hotel & Suites, inspired on the authentic Mexican colonial architecture.
Features comfortable Studios & Suites decorated with unique touches on a different concept of tourism, surrounding an exuberant garden plenty of multi-color flowers and exotic plants.
Located on the most exclusive zone in the downtown of Cozumel the biggest island of Mexico in the caribbean where we combine colonial design with peace, the beauty of nature in an ambience full of tranquility, elegance and comfort.

Hotel Suites Colonial (***)

Located in the heart of downtown Cozumel, just a few steps from the main square on a pedestrian street and surrounded by restaurants, boutiques and local entertainment. Breakfast at Hotel Casa Mexicana included.

Hotel Suites Colonial Entrance
Hotel Suites Colonial Outside
Hotel Suites Colonial Balconies
Hotel Suites Colonial Lobby
Hotel Suites Colonial Elevator
Hotel Suites Colonial Bedroom
Hotel Suites Colonial Kitchen
Suites Bahia Outside
Suites Bahia View
Suites Bahia Lobby
Suites Bahia Room
Suites Bahia Bedroom
Suites Bahia Bathroom

Suites Bahia (***)

Conveniently located downtown Cozumel on Melgar avenue, surrounded by restaurants, boutiques, and local entertainment.
Ideal for divers, couples or a group of friends looking to get the most from their Cozumel vacation.

Breakfast at Hotel Casa Mexicana included as well.

Mi Casa En Cozumel

Casa Cool, heart of downtown Cozumel, one block away from main street and waterfront with wonderful views; one block from the largest shopping area in town, 4 blocks away from the main plaza and the ferry pier to the mainland, walking distance to most restaurants and bars.
Upon entering this unforgettably beautiful hotel, conceptualized in modern Mexican Architecture, you will experience the hotel common areas that create the feeling of a villa with almost no separation between indoors and out. With elements of nature, the decor sets the tone for a tranquil and luxurious stay. Step into these intimate accommodations and discover a true home away from home, it is a casual haven of relaxation in the colorful neighborhood of downtown Cozumel (Breakfast included).

Mi Casa En Cozumel Room 1
Mi Casa En Cozumel Room 2
Mi Casa En Cozumel Pool
Tamarindo B&B
Tamarindo B&B Bungalow Palapa
Tamarindo B&B Exotic
Tamarindo B&B Caribe
Tamarindo B&B Caribe Kitchen
Tamarindo B&B Bungalow Palapa Room
Tamarindo B&B Palomar
Tamarindo B&B Cayomito
Tamarindo B&B Ocaso
Tamarindo B&B Alba

Tamarindo B&B (***)

Charming Accommodation, European Style with Old Mexican Flavor. (with or without Breakfast)

Cozumel Suites (***)

Two Spacious Apartments, Two Large Bungalows (please inquire), all decorated with imagination & ambiance, as well as a swimming pool.

Cozumel Suites Chocolate Lime
Cozumel Suites Canela Front
Cozumel Suites Canela Kitchen
Cozumel Suites Bungalow Sugar Bedroom-1
Cozumel Suites Bungalow Sugar Kitchen
Cozumel Suites Chocolate Bedroom
Cozumel Suites Lime Bedroom
Casa Alegria Rooftop Grill
Casa Alegria Pool
Casa Alegria Dining Room
Casa Alegria Living Room
Casa Alegria TV Room
Casa Alegria Bedroom-1
Casa Alegria Bedroom-2

Casa Alegria: your dream house in Cozumel

Casa Alegria is located inside Hacienda Monte Cristo, within the Country Club Estates, a quiet residential neighborhood.
Walking distance from the golf course, less than one minute walk from one of the finest white sandy beaches.

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