Comprehensive Dive Instruction and Training

NAUI Scuba Diver or PADI Open Water Diver

  • The full SSI, NAUI or PADI instruction course, equipment and PIC/rights included.
  • This is the most popular certification course allowing you to dive all around the world as a full certified Open Water Diver.
  • This certification will allow you to carry on with the next levels in diving. (See below)
  • It should take 3 intensive days of courses, training and dives.
  • The final exam will close this course.

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NAUI or PADI Advanced O.W.D.

  • After being certified as an Open Water Diver, you can take the next step: the SSI, NAUI or PADI Advanced Diver certification.
  • Among other topics, you will learn and be trained for drift dives, deep dives, night dives, jump from a boat or platform, orientation with a compass . . .
  • As for the other courses, everything’s included, equipment and PIC or rights.

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PADI or NAUI Rescue Diver

  • The next level will challenge your skills to become more than a passive spectator in case of an emergency underwater.
  • With this certification course, you will learn to use first aid equipment, follow the first aid procedures… without endangering yourself and others.
  • To get this certification level, you will have to get the Emergency First Response from PADI or any equivalent (C.P.R., . . .) within the past 2 years.
  • Everything else included . . .

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Other specialty courses. . .

PADI or NAUI Dive Master. . .

  • First step as a professional diver, this level will require 60 dives recorded in your log book.
  • Ask for a full detailed program if you are interested …

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IAHD certifications. . .

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