Diving Courses

Equipment Rental is Included in All the Instruction Course Fees.

Certification Courses Do Not Include the Book

With PADI it is Now ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY FOR EVERY STUDENT DIVER since 2012. If you Already Bought it, Please Bring the Sale Ticket or Invoice.

Specialty Courses


The IAHD programs includes several levels and possibilities, all leading to certification except the first one:

  • Scuba diving experience (introduction dive)
  • Confined Water Diver (3 levels of CWD)
  • Sport Diver Course (3 levels of SDC)
  • Open Water Diver (3 levels of OWD)
  • Advanced Open Water Diver (with specialities)
  • Other Experienced Diver programs . . .

Each of these levels have their own prerequisites, requirements, program, course, training skills and limitations, therefore very difficult to put a fix price on such program without knowing all the information to do so… This is the reason we only ask for a U$100 Deposit to book it.

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